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Long term EVS in Poland about EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy, Disabilities.

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Long term EVS in Poland about EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy, Disabilities.


07.01.2015 – 06.01.2016 Deadline: 18 - 11 - 2014.
Sępólno Krajeńskie (Poland)
EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy, Disabilities
18 - 30 years
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There are 18 members in our "Adults for Children" Association: teachers, psychologists, educators, social workers, students. All of them are working voluntarily. There are only 2 persons working on regular basis. It is quite small but dynamic NGO.

Since 2005 our association has taken part in EVS. Until now we have hosted 46 volunteers from different countries. Our main aim to host volunteer is to give them the possibility to learn more about Polish culture, customs etc, as well as to give them a chance to try work in our institutions. For our association EVS is a great adventure too.
Thanks to volunteers we have also a chance to meet different cultures and sometimes to get in with new, fresh ideas in terms of our work and tasks. The next year is quite special for us: we are going to celebrate 10th anniversary of EVS projects in our organization! We wanted to express this important fact in the project title "EVS: 50 – 4- 10" (EVS: 50 volunteers for 10th anniversary). Besides, during this project we are going to organize some special event for local community to celebrate this fact.

Volunteers' activity will be concentrated around three basic areas:
Main goal of the volunteers is going to be a work in Young Creators’ Club – with youth from local schools, in Occupational Therapy Workshop, Therapeutic day-room and Little Child and Family Centre.
Those are places, where volunteers will have an opportunity to develop their skills and to obtain new experiences. Volunteers may work in all of those institutions or choose one/two of them according to their interests.
1.1 Young Creators’ Club for youth from local schools:
- prepare and lead classes for young people (art, music, sport, theatre, cooking, photography, journalism etc.). We are very flexible and open for volunteers’ ideas. They can organize own classes for youth according to their needs, skills or hobbies; - organizing and taking part in various social and art events such as exhibitions, happenings, expositions, shows, etc.; especially about European Awareness, EU, EVS, Erasmus + Programme;
- help in creating a web blog about activities in Young Creators’ Club and about volunteers’ activity as well/create web blog or web page about Europe;
- create a newspaper/film/brochure(with young people from the Club) about – for instance -people’s life in EU or other topic according to volunteers’ ideas;
- attend in organized trips (bike trips, camps etc.); 1.2 Occupational Therapy Workshops for disabled people:
- help instructors with preparation and leading engagements in particular workshops (art, sartorial, exploration of life, housekeeping, D.I.Y., office and computers;
- prepare and lead engagements for their wards (volunteers will never be left alone with wards
- it will always be with an attendance of the instructor);
- assistance to wards in day-to-day activities (e.g. cleaning after their classes, help with accompanying wards to the bus stop, etc.);
- help people on a wheelchairs;
- attend in a keep fit and rehabilitations;
- attend in organized trips (day excursions and several day trips);
1.3 Therapeutic day-room for children and teenagers from difficult backgrounds:
- help instructors with preparation and leading engagements for kids and youth (art, sports, outdoors games and plays, etc.);
- help with doing a homework;
- prepare and lead engagements for wards (individual and in groups); - help with day-to-day activities (e.g. cleaning after their classes);
- attend in organized trips.
1.4 Little Child and Family Centre (for kids from 3 months old to 3 years old):
- taking care of kids;
- help instructors with leading different types of activities for kids.

Activity of the volunteers is first and foremost working in above establishments, but not only that. Another important element of their activity is commitment to the actions, whom main target is to deepen a sense of European citizenship as well as promotion of activities related to EVS and Erasmus + Programme. We are planning to conduct meetings with a youth from local schools. Those meetings will be a good occasion to exchange experiences, to promote EVS and Erasmus + Programme and to present volunteers’ culture in local community.

Volunteers are going to be involved in activities, which allow them to learn about Polish tradition, morals and culture:
- participation in lessons of polish language;
- provided constant contact with polish youth;
- organizing 'polish evenings', as well as volunteers national evenings';
- participation in sight-seeing tours (within their work);
- participation in cultural events etc.

Volunteers are going to be ensured with separate flat in a block of flats. Those who start the project in January 2014 are going to live in the 3 rooms flat (one separate room for each volunteer).
Those who join the project in the second term (from April 2014) will have to share the room with other person as there are 2 bedrooms in the flat. Volunteers will be provided with a standard equipment and essential household goods. Volunteers are going to receive money for food. It will be their decision, whether they would like to prepare their meals by their own in the flat, or to buy them in a local school canteen. Depending on their decision, we will help them to organize it.


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