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Living in Belgium: cost of life, work and live in Brussels and surroundings

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Belgium is one of the most popular destinations for those seeking a change in their lives or new job opportunities. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is the heart of the European Union, where there many European institutions.

Belgium is a very small country with about 10 million inhabitants but with a very high density. 

Before the  "Big Step", abandoning your country of residence, you must know a few things. 

The most important is that Belgium is divided into three regions with three different languages:

  • The  Flanders  where people speak mostly German and Dutch;
  • the  Wallonia  where most of the population speak French;
  • Brussels officially bilingual.

Those who come to visit Belgium remain fascinated by its beautiful buildings. Its cuisine is renowned and you cannot go home without tasting the chocolate, waffles, and moules-frites. For beer lovers, in Belgium, you can find hundreds of different types of beer. 

Cost of living in Belgium

Although the standard of living is very high, this is accompanied by a relatively high cost of living. The average salary in Belgium is around 3,000 euro gross per month. 

In Brussels you can find a variety of restaurants from inexpensive where you eat with just a few Euros, to glitzy restaurants on the main streets.

Here some prices:

  • a beer: € 3.50
  • a bottle of water 0.33 L: € 1.82
  • a liter of milk: 1.08 €
  • cost of a ticket, single ride, local transport: 2,10 €
  • lunch or dinner in a medium quality restaurant for two people: 35 €

Finding home in Belgium

In Brussels, the cost of an apartment in the center with a bed is 750 euros per month. If we move to the suburbs the price drops to around 650 euros. 
If we move in Aalst, city of East Flanders, the monthly price drops to € 550.  
At Namur, capital of Wallonia, the price is from 570 € monthly in the center to € 500 in the suburbs.

Find a job in Belgium

The first website to be consulted is  EURES  where you can find a multitude of jobs for all European citizens. 

Employment centers 

Belgium has a very good network of job placement offices: in Brussels we find the center ORBEM / BGDA (Office Régional Bruxellois de l'emplo / Brusselse Gewestelijke Diest voor Arbeidsbemiddeling). In Wallonia and in Flanders we find sub-regional offices as SSE / STD (Services Subrégionaux de l'Emploi / subregional Tewerkstellingsdiensten).

jobs in Brussels


Besides the services offered by the government you can use private employment agencies.

Some work agencies in Belgium:

Here some  websites for young people and students who seek some jobs:

You should go and live in Belgium because:

  • It offers excellent working opportunity especially if you are willing to learn languages 
  • It has a great social and health system 
  • Has a rich history and culture
  • In the capital, Brussels, you can meet people from all over Europe and from around the world 
  • It has a high standard of living
  • It' s culturally vibrant.
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