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Living in the Netherlands: from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, Jobs, Rights and Ecology .

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The Netherlands, often called Holland, is famous for human rights, good education and love for the ambient. The bicycle is the "boss" of the cities, from Amsterdam to Utrecht, from The Hague to Rotterdam.

In Netherlands, or if you prefer Holland, there is a great respect for things and people.

In all dutch cities you will see a lot of bikes, few cars and parks.
The times are very different : you have lunch at 12 and dinner at 19; the shops open at 10 and close at 17.

Officially the languages ​​spoken in the Netherlands are two: the Dutch and the Frisian spoken in the province of Friesland to 350,000 people.

Having had many domination by other countries is easy to find people who speak French, German but also Spanish.

If you don't speak Dutch, you will have the opportunity to speak English. Here the English is spoken by most of the population. The children learn English in the childhood. It's not hard to find many universities in the Netherlands that offer courses in English.

Quality and Cost of Living

The quality of life is better than to other european countries in and out job. The working day is 8 hours for 40 hours per week.
In the Netherlands, the unemployed are entitled to "bijstaand", the guaranteed minimum income of 750 euros per month.

The average salary in the Netherlands is around 2,000 Euros per month. If you go to work by car, some companies reimburse travel expenses. Here the services are efficient and punctual.

Sore point is the high costs of the train: you will pay one-way ticket from Amsterdam to Rotterdam 14.80 €. To reduce expenses you may require Kortingskaart, a card that allows you to travel at certain times with reduced prices.

Even for those who use the car, prices are not cheap: the parking are expensive and the gasoline is around 1.65 euros.

These are some average prices for everyday life:

  • beer: € 3
  • a bottle of water 0.33 L: 1,87 €
  • a liter of milk: € 0.87
  • 12 eggs: 1,92 €
  • lunch or dinner at a restaurant of average quality for two people: 58 €

Looking to rent an apartment or house in the Netherlands

Unfortunately, the cost of rent in the Netherlands is among the highest in Europe. The average cost of a 1 bed apartment in the center of Amsterdam is 1,000 euros. If we decide to move to an other citie like Rotterdam the cost for the same type of apartment is 700 euro.

If you want see some houses before leaving, you can visit the following websites:

On site you can also contact the numerous agencies in the cities. Obviously it is better to pay after have seen the house.

Jobs in Holland

The skilled workers such as engineers, nurses, doctors, cooks can find easily good jobs.

Like all the countries of the European Union, you can use EURES website.

Another website is Wassenaar, government website in English full of information for jobseeker.

There are a lot of international websites:

There are also national job websites :

You should live in the Netherlands because:

It has an excellent quality of life

Good salaries

State aid for the unemployed

Dynamic job market

Green cities




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