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Belgium is one of the most popular destinations for those seeking a change in their lives or new job opportunities. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is the heart of the European Union, where there many European institutions.

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Malta is a beautiful archipelago located in the heart of the Mediterranean. Malta has two official languages: Maltese and English.

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Friday, 11 November 2016 09:13

Life in Finland: jobs, study, cost of life

Choose to move and live in Finland is certainly not a choice for everyone. The climate sometimes is friendly and sometimes terribly cold: this will be a shock for who comes from warmer countries like Italy, Spain or Greece.

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International Development Youth Forum 2015 will be held in Tokyo, Japan from 1st of March to 8th of March 2015. 
Despite of the great success in 2014, International Development Youth Forum 2015 will easily go beyond that, thanks to the cooperation from academic community of development studies and various professionals in Japan.

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Saturday, 06 August 2016 08:27

Study in Sweden

Why study in Sweden?

The reason is: excellente Universities, low cost and high quality of life. Sweden is the studies' paradise.

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Saturday, 06 August 2016 08:14

Study in Spain

Spain is one of the biggest countries in Europe and the fourth most popular tourist destination in the world.

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